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I-TECHCITY is a business registered with Australian Business Register (ABR). The Australian Business Number (ABN) is 42107081943. The business registration date is 17/04/2002 in NSW. The business current status is Registered.

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State NumberBN97886564
Sate Of RegistrationNSW
Registration Date17/04/2002
Business Age18 Years, 6 Months, 8 Days
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Cancellation Date
Renewal Date17/04/2017
Current StatusRegistered
Email Address[Show_Email_ID]
Phone Number[Show_Phone]
Website [Show_Website]


1. What is Australian Business Number (ABN) of I-TECHCITY?
Ans: I-TECHCITY Australian Business Number (ABN) is 42107081943.

2. What is registration state of I-TECHCITY?
Ans: I-TECHCITY registration state is NSW.

3. What is registration date of I-TECHCITY?
Ans: I-TECHCITY registration date is 17/04/2002.

4. What is current status of I-TECHCITY?
Ans: I-TECHCITY current status is Registered.

5. What is age of I-TECHCITY from registration date?
Ans: I-TECHCITY age from registration date 17/04/2002 is 18 Years, 6 Months, 8 Days .

6. What is email address of I-TECHCITY?
Ans: I-TECHCITY email address is [Show_Email_ID].

7. What is phone number of I-TECHCITY?
Ans: I-TECHCITY phone number is [Show_Phone].

8. What is website of I-TECHCITY?
Ans: I-TECHCITY website is [Show_Website].



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